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Bower Bird's Blue Book

"There once was a resolute bower bird who
spent all day long hunting for anything blue
to deck out his bower with wild abandon
in hopes of attracting a friend or companion. . ."

Bower birds build elaborate nests, often decorated with found objects in a single color.


In this story, an enthusiastic, but misguided bower bird discovers a painter's box filled with different blue paints. He sets about trying to redecorate the entire landscape in various shades of blue, from indigo to zaffer, a different shade and subject in each stanza.

Written and illustrated by the sister and brother team of Angie and Patrick Bier, the story is told A-A-B-B rhyming verse with internal triplet rhythms, and is meant to be read aloud and shared. The adult reader and younger listener will both learn new words and shades of blue as the misguided bower bird ultimately learns that he can't redecorate the whole world to his liking, and that the bits of blue found naturally in the landscape are, therefore, all the more precious.

2022, JT Gopher Publishing

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