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Raymond A. & Elizabeth Helen (Lathers) Cousin Family

Cousin, Ray & Elizabeth (Lathers) family.jpg

Raymond and Elizabeth (Lathers) Cousin family.  Standing, L-R:  John Cousin, Fred Cousin, William Cousin, Ray Cousin.  Seated, L-R:  Nell (Cousin) Gilbank, Elizabeth, Mary (Cousin) Papendorf, Raymond, Helen (Cousin) Kinyon.

RAYMOND A. COUSIN, son of JULIUS COUSIN and MARY ROY, was born 24 Oct, 1886, in Newark Township, Wisconsin, and died 10 Jun, 1969, in Beloit, Wisconsin. He married ELIZABETH HELEN LATHERS, daughter of CHARLES LATHERS and NELLIE EDWARDS. She was born 27 Feb, 1895, in Rock County, Wisconsin, and died 03 Nov, 1969, in Turtle, Wisconsin.


JOHN R COUSIN, b. 05 Mar 1919, Beloit Township, Wisconsin; d. 01 Jan 1969, Beloit, Wisconsin.

HELEN M (COUSIN) KINYON, b. 25 Jun 1920, Newark Township, Wisconsin; d. 02 Aug 1997, Madison, Wisconsin.


WILLIAM COUSIN, b. 07 Aug 1922, Beloit Township, Wisconsin; d. 24 Jun 1983, Delavan, Wisconsin.


FREDERIC VINCENT COUSIN, b. 27 Jul 1924, Beloit Township, Wisconsin;  d. 22 Aug 2012, Beloit, Wisconsin.


MARY LUCILLE (COUSIN) PAPENDORF, b. 07 May 1927, Beloit Township, Wisconsin;  d. 01 Sep 2009, Beloit, Wisconsin.

NELL (COUSIN) GILBANK, b. 12 May 1930, Beloit Township, Wisconsin;  d. 30 Jan 2018, Clinton, Wisconsin. 


RAYMOND C COUSIN, b. 06 Jun 1931, Beloit Township, Wisconsin; d. 25 Feb 2006, Beloit, Wisconsin.

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