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Emil & Elizabeth, a.k.a., Hedwig (Fischer) Langer Family

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Emil Herman and Elizabeth Hedwig (Fischer) Langer Family.  Standing, L-R:  Mary (Langer) McKeown, Emil H. Langer Jr., William Langer, Joseph Langer.  Seated, L-R:  Anna (Langer) Crary Saunders, Elizabeth, Herman Langer, Emil, Harriet (Langer) Prusansky.  Taken about 1903.

EMIL HERMAN LANGER, son of FRANZ LANGER and BARBARA JANISCH, was born 20 Jun, 1859, in Watertown, Wisconsin, and died 7 Jan, 1930, Janesville, Wisconsin.  He married ELIZABETH HEDWIG FISCHER 7 Jan, 1884, in St. Henry's Catholic Church, Watertown, Wisconsin, daughter of JOSEPH FISCHER and URSULA HOFFMAN.  She was born 15 Sept, 1861, in Watertown, Wisconsin, and died 6 June, 1933, in Janesville, Wisconsin.


EMIL HERMAN LANGER, b. 14 Mar 1885, Harmony Township, Wisconsin; d. 28 Jan 1973, Janesville, Wisconsin.


WILLIAM LANGER, b. Jan 1888, Wisconsin;  d. 19 May 1948, Beloit, Wisconsin.


JOSEPH ROBERT LANGER b. 4 Nov 1890, Janesville, Wisconsin;  d. 17 Jan 1971, Janesville, Wisconsin.


MARY (LANGER) MCKEOWN  b. 19 Mar 1893, Harmony Township, Wisconsin;  d. 27 Jan 1962, Janesville, Wisconsin.


HERMAN LANGER  b. 19 Mar 1895, Harmony Township, Wisconsin;  d. 23 Mar 1976, Janesville, Wisconsin.


ANNA FRANCES (LANGER) CRARY SAUNDERS  b. 10 April 1897, Rock County, Wisconsin;  d. 12 Mar 1993, Janesville, Wisconsin.


HARRIET LANGER (PRUSANSKY) b. 29 Dec 1899 in Wisconsin;  d. 7 May 1984.

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