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John & Katherine (Gitzinger) Roethle Family

John Roethle Family Portrait.jpg

John & Katherine (Gitzinger) Roethle Family.  Standing, L-R:  Clara, Oscar, Edwin, Rosalia (Roethle) Bier.  Seated, L-R:  Leo, Katherine, Frank, John, Peter.

JOHN BAPTIST ROETHLE, son of IGNATZ ROETHLE and ELIZABETH BEINING, was born 20 Jan 1856 in Rubicon, Wisconsin, and died 17 Jun 1927 in Rubicon, Wisconsin.  He married KATHERINE GITZINGER 17 Jan 1881 in St. John's Catholic Church, Rubicon, Wisconsin, daughter of MATHIAS GITZINGER.  She was born 29 May 1861 in Faha, Germany, and died 25 Oct 1947 in Rubicon, Wisconsin.


SOPHIE ROETHLE, b. 12 Jan 1882, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 19 Jan 1882, Neosho, Wisconsin.


CLARA A ROETHLE, b. 11 Feb 1884, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 29 Oct 1965, Hartford, Wisconsin.


FRANK IGNOTZ ROETHLE, b. 03 Jun 1885, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 29 Apr 1956, Dodge City, Wisconsin.


PETER MATH ROETHLE, b. 03 Jun 1885, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 08 Sep 1972, West Bend, Wisconsin.


EDWIN PETER ROETHLE, b. 29 May 1887, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 16 Jul 1967, Hartford, Wisconsin.


OSCAR JOSEPH ROETHLE, b. 18 Nov 1888, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 14 Feb 1973, Hartford, Wisconsin.


ROSALIA MARGARET ROETHLE, b. 23 Aug 1890, Neosho, Wisconsin; d. 05 Dec 1977, Stoughton, Wisconsin.


LEO JOHN ROETHLE, b. 12 Apr 1897, Herman, Wisconsin; d. 26 Jan 1948, Madison, Wisconsin.

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